Atira caters to growing postgraduate market

As growing numbers of postgraduate international students continues, Australia is high on the list of preferred study destinations.

Leading student accommodation specialist Atira Student Living is watching the growth continue.
According to CEO of Atira Student Accommodation Andrea Slingsby, Australia punched well above its weight with the highest number of international students per capita of anywhere in the world.
“Whilst the USA attracts the greatest number of international students, we know postgraduate students choose Australia for very specific benefits,’’ Ms Slingsby said.

“Australia’s attraction starts with an international reputation for quality universities, courses and research plus high personal safety and security for students.

“Diverse multicultural communities are the drivers along with additional natural attributes such as clean air, water and blue skies. The combination is very attractive to students seeking international education,’’ she said.

International student enrolments rose 14% last year, reaching 502,544 across universities and other institutions by May 2017.

The largest growth in international enrolments at Australian universities is coming from postgraduate student enrolments, rather than undergraduates.

“Most universities are recruiting and increasing postgraduate international student enrolments as they exhaust the domestic market,” Ms Slingsby said.

Many of the top eight institutions significantly boosted their postgraduate numbers since 2010. For example the University of Melbourne experienced the largest increase in international students of any university in Australia – mostly in postgraduate enrolments – over ten years to 2015.
“We know that international students need extra help as they transition into the very different education culture of Australia.

“Atira is geared up to smooth this transition with a supportive community, world class facilities and programs and high safety.

“We also know that one of the biggest problems for international students is the cost of accommodation and cost of living in Australia.

“Our accommodation at Atira’s inner city student accommodation facilities is more affordable than local residential rental markets when you take all costs into consideration.

“The student growth continues and we are at the forefront to provide affordable, world class facilities, services and affordability to students and during postgraduate and undergraduate tenure,” Ms Slingsby said.