Atira helps students study smarter, not harder

Student accommodation provider Atira has lifted the student experience another level, joining forces with respected healthcare providers to deliver fitness and health programs to help students study at their best possible level.

Atira CEO, Andrea Slingsby, is making sure Atira students are well equipped for student life and living away from home. Counselling and services for healthy eating and cooking, tailored fitness classes and sporting groups encourage socializing and integration into student life.
“There’s been a huge shift over the past five years for greater focus on health and wellbeing,’’ Ms Slingsby said.

“We know that the many benefits of staying healthy include better concentration, less time off sick, increased energy levels and a much better mental state.

“Life for a new student is full of new experiences and routines – even more so for international students – and we give them tools to help them cope with everything life is throwing at them,’’ she said.
The partnership with Healthwise Global at Atira onsite gyms allows Atira residents exclusive access to Health and Wellness experts to develop health and fitness programs tailored for students and encourage balance and socialization.

The service gives Atira residents online access to book classes and services. On-site facilities offer flexible hours, community classes or tailored services. Experts are a regular presence at Atira’s facilities and gyms to answer student questions and tailor programs.

“Students these days are very switched on about the importance of caring for their bodies and their minds. We give them services at their fingertips to make it easy and fun. There is also much greater awareness of mental health and support groups.

“Atira is also very mindful of easing the transition between home and university life, and this is another way we streamline that process by providing socialisation and an instant community,” Ms Slingsby said.
Healthwise Global founder, Tod Horton, said: “We’ve worked closely with Atira’s team and their Student Experience Leaders to make sure Atira students are well equipped for student life and living away from home.

“Our staff try to maintain routines and structures that students have been familiar with at school to continue with familiar patterns, whether that’s a running club or soccer team. If you prefer outdoors we tailor a program to keep you fit outside.

“We’ve seen a notable difference at Atira’s gyms, with the students engaging with each other in social activities and fitness classes and making sure that they dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to focus on their health and wellness.”