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4 Tips For Successful Socialising In University

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Part of a good university experience is being social and getting to know new people. It’s important to study and get good grades, but the social experience is just as meaningful. Here are a few guidelines for being social at university:


Do: Be social even if you’re shy 
University is a brand new experience that you should take full advantage of. Being shy might make it difficult to get out and meet new people, but you shouldn’t let it stop you. You won’t meet new people if you’re sitting in your room. Begin by studying in the library a few hours a week. Don’t hide away in a corner. Sit at a table with other students even if you don’t talk to them. If there’s an event that interests you, attend it (hint amazing Res Life events every week). Being around people will increase your chances of meeting new friends and landing more dates.

Don’t: Get clingy 
If you meet someone you really like and want to get to know better, it’s important that you refrain from getting clingy. It’s natural to want to spend all your free time with that person, but you don’t want to stop getting to know other people and enjoying your new university life. Not everyone will become a best friend, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know as many people as you can.

Do: Give everyone a chance 
Just because someone might not seem like the type of person you’d generally be friends with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to know them. Now that you’re at university, it’s time to open yourself up to different people. Don’t judge someone based on appearance or who they hang out with. If someone asks to join you or your group, welcome them in.

Don’t: Only hang with your high school crew
It’s comforting to hang out with the people you already know, but this closes you off from meeting new people. You don’t have to ditch your old friends, but do at least make the effort to bring new people into your group of friends. If your high school friends don’t attend the same university as you, don’t stay in every night to catch up with them. You can still have catch-up time together, but it’s important that you have a real life as well.

Being social in university might be new and a little scary, but it’s something you’ll be glad you did. Being social introduces you to a wide variety of people. Meeting so many people will give you a better idea of the kind of people you like and don’t like, leading you to make better friendship and relationship choices. Come and say hello to our RAs too! We’re always ready to chat our give advice.


Happy socialising!

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