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5 Little Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep


University life can get hectic, so it’s understandable that you may occasionally experience difficulty getting to sleep at night. If you do have a lot on your mind, these simple tips and tricks will help you drift off. Apply them each night, and they’ll soon become automatic, so you won’t even have to think about them. They’re just natural, self-help sleep-inducers that involve no medication or cost, and they’ll work best if you follow the order of sequence below.


1. Clear your mind

Worries (ie upcoming exams and assignments) are a common cause of insomnia, so switch off from yours before you go to bed. If you can’t resolve them there and then, jot them down on paper or type them onto your phone or laptop to look at in the morning when you’re feeling fresher. If you’re troubled by any major concerns, discuss them with a friend or relative if you can, as sharing always helps. Whatever way you choose, make sure you clear your mind of all nagging worries a good hour before preparing for bed.



2. Exercise and fresh air

Physical exercise will tire you, making you feel calm and ready for a good night’s sleep. Fresh air will also help, nourishing your body with an oxygen boost and soothing your skin with its comforting caress. A stroll or bicycle ride will do nicely, but if you’d rather stay indoors, just do some bends, stretches and on-the-spot running, then take a few gulps of fresh air at an open window. The Atira gym is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so anytime you feel like ridding yourself of some excess energy, hit up the gym and sweat it out.


3. Take a hot shower

You’ll feel clammy after your exercise, so treat yourself to a leisurely shower. If you like singing, choose your favourite song and bellow your heart out through the steam. You’ll feel wonderfully relaxed and happy about life by the time you’ve towelled yourself down and blow-dried your hair.


4. Have a light snack

Treat yourself to a little something to eat and drink before bed. When you eat, the body instantly gets busy digesting, leaving little energy for other activities, even mental ones, so you naturally unwind and relax. Even a light snack will calm you, and that will be best at bedtime, to minimise any indigestion or need for bathroom visits. A bowl of cereal with hot or cold milk or some toast with your favourite spread will ensure you go to bed feeling pleasingly full and drowsy. A warm drink will also be soothing. Many people find warm milk or cocoa sleep-inducing, while others find herbal tea more calming.


5. Unwind with soft lighting

Soft lighting has a relaxing effect on the eyes and, indirectly, on the brain, triggering sleepiness, so undress for bed by lamplight, and arrange subdued lighting for your sleeping area, if different. Choose some relaxing entertainment, such as a light book or DVD, to take your mind off things before settling down. Then make yourself cozy in bed, or on the sofa or floor if you prefer, and enjoy your entertainment till your eyelids droop, which probably won’t be long. If you have the TV or radio on, you may find it comforting to leave it on at low volume when you’re ready to switch off the light.

Don’t monitor your sleeping and waking hours, as this will prevent you letting go and drifting off. Once you’ve done your preparations and lain your head on the pillow, let nature do the rest.



Sweet dreams!

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