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8 tips to help you navigate O-Week


Who wants to go to uni a week early? It may be tempting to skip O-Week and extend your summer holiday, but O-Week can be an invaluable way to meet friends, familiarise yourself with the campus, set yourself up for your whole year and settle you into this semester.  Starting at a new university can seem overwhelming at first, so we’ve developed this list of why O-Week is important and ‘8 tips to help you navigate O-Week.

1. Relax

O-Week can be exciting, scary, fun, stressful and overwhelming all at once. There’s going to be a lot going on, so take your time and enjoy it. Breathe. It’s all going to be ok. Besides, relaxation hosts a range of benefits, including lowering heart rate, improving concentration, reducing fatigue, and improving confidence. Learn more about relaxation here.

2. Plan

This ties into the previous suggestion. Do a bit of research on what events are occurring over O-week so you’re comfortable with your schedule. Make sure you attend that Q&A session or find out where you can talk to teachers, students or heads of department in your chosen discipline.

3. Get your bearings

You don’t want miss your first class because you couldn’t find the building. O-Week is an excellent opportunity to get to know your campus. Make a note of which areas of the campus you’d like to explore, what amenities you’d like to see, transport options, parking and food vendors in the area, because you’ll be spending a few years in the place.

4. Check out the clubs and societies

O-Week is an excellent opportunity to see what clubs and societies operate in your new university. Most clubs and societies will have specific demonstrations and pertinent information to give you a good idea of what they’re about. Clubs and societies are an enriching part of university life, and can be an excellent way to meet new friends.

5. Get some sleep!

Yes, O-week can be exciting and stimulating, but remember to pace yourself. Rest is very important, and you don’t want to burn yourself out before the semester has even started. Read more on ‘Why student’s sleep should be a priority.’

6. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because getting you settled and comfortable with university life is what O-Week is all about. There will most likely be faculty and students walking around with signage or badges specifically to help you answer your questions, so take advantage of their helpful nature while you can.

7. Take notes

Bring a notepad or notebook in case you have any follow up questions or research to do. Information will be flying at you and there may be distractions hindering your ordinarily perfect recall. Plus, note taking keeps you alert, helps emphasise and organise information, and engages your mind.

8. Have fun!

This is an important step. You’re taking a new exciting journey, so throw those preconceptions out the window, fully explore your options, and embrace your new life at university.

As part of Atira’s Res Life events this month, our Resident Assistants are hosting ‘Surviving the first week of uni’ information sessions, so look for these. Visit the ‘What’s on at Atira: February‘ to view this month’s Res Life calendar.

Enjoy O-Week!


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