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Essential Study Skills For University Bound Students


Having effective study skills during high school can set a good foundation for studying in University. However, Uni courses follow different formats than high school classes and require a level of time, energy and commitment you may need to prepare for.


Time management
Any new University student can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of work required for each class. That’s why time management ranks high among effective study skills. It’s essential that you plan time every day to accomplish required reading, work on assignments and review class notes. By working on assignments every single day, you won’t have to try cramming in all your work right before it’s due. During your designated study time, do your best to eliminate all unnecessary distractions including electronic devices or the internet if it’s not required.

Study method
Some students study best alone while others do well in study groups where they can problem solve class assignments together and develop new ideas. Keeping thorough notes to read through or creating flash cards can help you study and learn essential class concepts. You may have your own study method that works best for you. It’s fine to stick with what you know and what works, but do some research to find out any new methods you may be unaware of.


Free time
It can be easy for a University student to burn out quickly if they spend every moment doing Uni work. To help the mind absorb information and recharge, students need to set aside free time to participate in activities they enjoy. It’s important that time spent having fun doesn’t take away from study time, however. During study times, a student should take periodic breaks to think through what they’ve read to ensure comprehension of class concepts. Our Resident Life events are the perfect opportunity for you to unwind, socialise, and relax a little before getting back to the books.


The transition from high school to University can seem intimidating to students of any age. Knowing what to expect in terms of course load and assignments and having proper study skills in place helps every Uni student succeed at their higher learning goals. If you ever need help or advice, remember that our friendly RAs are always here for you.


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