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How Laughter Enhances Your Life


There is more science to your smile than you may realise. Smiling and laughter triggers the release of endorphins in your brain, which are the same chemicals released after healthy exercise. These endorphins aid in lifting your mood as well as the moods of people around you. There are several reasons to employ laughter in your life.


Laughter is contagious; laughter is the best medicine. Both of these common phrases have plenty of science to back them up, and that is plenty of reason to start laughing more. The endorphin release that you receive from laughing causes people around you to feel safe, happy, and closer to you. When they join in the laughter, they too release endorphins. It spreads like dominoes through a group.

Both males and females looking for a mate rate humour and laughter at the top of their lists. So, when you smile, not only are you bringing happiness to those around you, you are possibly luring a mate. Laughter is a far simpler approach to dating and increasing your attractiveness than any modern method of grooming or beautification. Even in a photo, a smile or capturing laughter is more attractive and enticing than a serious selfie. Plus, couples who laugh together report having higher-quality relationships.

Laughter also promotes healing and health. This natural act of joy stimulates intense brain activity, conjuring new connections and spilling happy neurotransmitters into those pathways. The body reacts to such positivity by letting go of stress, anger, and anxiety. Laughter acts like a soapy sponge for your emotions, washing away the negativity. After all, it is stress that causes many illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and nervous system disorders. Stress leads to poor sleep, poor relationships, and poor health. Laughter leads to less stress and therefore better sleep, better relationships, and better health.


Of course, when you are feeling stressed, laughter can seem incomprehensible. Ease yourself into it, and practice humor, smiling, and laughter daily to build up your natural response. Start with smiling in the mirror. Expose yourself to comedians, funny books, or things you have previously found humorous. You do not have to force yourself on stage and tell jokes in order to benefit from the healing power of laughter.


In time, you will find humour in simple things, like a dog chasing its tail or an Ibis taking its lunch from another Ibis . Laughter can come from satisfaction and a jovial nature. It can come from having gratitude for life around you and awareness of the simple things in life. The more you practice laughing, the easier it will become. Not only are you training your emotional response, but you are also training your brain to more routinely release endorphins and rid yourself of stress.


Laughter is the simplest method for living a healthy and happy life, encouraging relationships, relieving stress, and increasing satisfaction. Administer it daily to experience the maximum benefits of this natural medicine, and offer it freely to those you love. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress.


Don’t worry, be happy!

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