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Making Study Time Productive

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One of the most frustrating things about studying is feeling like you did not get anything accomplished during a study session. Studying is, for most people, critical to academic success. Finding proper time to study can often be difficult, so it is important to maximise the productivity of time spent studying. Here are a few tips:


1. Go to a quiet place that is free from distractions

While an apartment or common area may be a convenient study option, these areas can sometimes be distracting and can make a study session in these places challenging.

The library is a common place to study and a great one. By nature, the library is quiet and academic. A corner of the library behind the stacks is a great option for eliminating distractions. Many university libraries also allow you to rent out study rooms. These rooms are incredible because they provide a quiet place within a quiet place. Empty classrooms in academic buildings are another great choice.



2. Distance yourself from your phone

Whether you leave your phone in your bag or pocket or just place it face down on the table, limiting or eliminating time spent on your cell phone is absolutely crucial to maximising study time. Social media can be the biggest drain on your time. You may open your phone to check a notification and all of a sudden it is 15 minutes later, and you are 48 weeks deep into the profile of your friend’s cousin’s dog. Do yourself a favour and put the phone away.



3. Find the music (or silence) that works for you

Headphones can be a tremendous asset in your studying. Even a quiet place like the library is bound to have some occasional noises. Playing music through headphones can take you to another level of focus and help you crush a study session. For some people, classical music works best with studying. For others, it is acoustic music. Some can listen to any genre. Find the music that works for you and helps you focus. Constantly changing songs and playlists, however, can hinder your studying. Pick a playlist and go with it.

If you find music distracting, that is fine. Look into purchasing headphones that will help block out the noise.



4. Find the time that works for you

If your brain is tired and unable to retain information in the evenings, consider getting up early to study. Going to the library before breakfast or before your first class can be incredibly peaceful, and it gives you a jump on the day. Your brain may work better after a night of rest. Also, a study session on the morning of the exam will help keep the information fresh.

Some people, however, study better in the evenings and late at night. Find the time when you study the best and try to plan your schedule accordingly.


5. Have a study plan

Studying without an idea of what you need to study is incredibly inefficient. Take some time before the study session or in the first few minutes of the session to consider your best plan of attack. Use the resources that your instructor has given you and determine the material that is most important to performing well on the exam. Write down a simple plan or list or just make a mental note. This will help you use your time wisely and stay on track.

Studying can be very rewarding. Achieving high grades makes the time spent over a textbook worth it. No one, however, wants to spend every minute of free time studying, so it is important to maximise the productivity of your study time.



Now make the most of it the next time you hit the books!

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