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Student Life Tips: Money Saving!

Blog | Adelaide
Hard work and discipline can help you save the money whatever your goals are, to buy the coolest new gadget or piece of clothing, or you want to save up for a car or a house in the future. We know that lots of our residents have part time jobs, or are just trying to stretch the pocket money from parents, or scholarship funds, it’s not easy!
It can be challenging as a student to keep track of expenses like food, and you might find yourself buying a lot of ‘treat yo’self’ Boost Juices before class. That’s fine and we all need a break every now and again, but you can make the most of what you earn and achieve your goals if you’re savvy about it. Here are our top simple money saving tips to help you afford what you really want:

1) Track your expenses

photo of a lined notepad and pencil

Probably the easiest way to dwindle away your savings is to ignore what you’re spending, a few small things are okay but it’s important to remind yourself how many ‘one-off’ splurges or online shops you might be buying. It’s grim, but keeping a spending diary can remind you where you can cut back.


2) Be prepared

a woman pour nuts from a jar into her hand
You’ll be surprised how many times you buy yourself a sneaky snack when you have food at home. From convenience and hunger you might end up racking up the ‘bills’ in junk food purchases. If you know you have a long day, pack yourself a nice meal or some snacks from home. It’s much cheaper buying snacks at the supermarket than from a vending machine when you’re too hungry to stop yourself… We’ve all been there!


3) Buy and cook in bulk
The student love affair with bulk-spaghetti bolognese is a tale as old as time. The reason is because it is easy to make, tasty and affordable! It doesn’t have to be spag bol of course, but making curry and rice and dividing it up, or a stir fry means ingredients are often more cost effective than buying individual pre-prepared ready meals. To increase the bulk savings, get together with a friend and take turns cooking, splitting lots of portions between 2 or more people. Getting some friends together and using the communal kitchens in your Atira building can also be a fun activity and nice night in.


4) Keep a ‘swear jar’ and collect your coins

money jars with plants growing out of coins
When you have a bunch of silver coins weighing down your wallet or purse, they can sort of just feel like a nuisance. Make yourself a coin jar where you deposit the small change and don’t touch it except for one special goal. This is definitely a longer-term saving project but nonetheless it’s cool to see how your coins can all add up!


5) Develop your will power
Look, this is sort of a joke, but just reminding yourself that you don’t need that second coffee to get through the uni day is an important skill. Try and substitute more expensive drinks out for cheaper options, like bring a teabag with you and make use of any kitchenette facilities your faculty or workplace might have. You have the power!

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