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Quick Tips to a Less Stressful Life

Blog | Adelaide | Glen Rd

Stress is an important and necessary part of life. However, modern life is filled with an overabundance of stressors. It is no wonder that so many people need more support than ever. While the following information is not a replacement for medication and counselling, these quick tips can help a person to beat everyday stress and live a more relaxing and peaceful life.




Some stress is a part of life and stress can be nothing more than the price a person pays for accomplishing something. However, even goal oriented stress can be overwhelming at times. For example, a student who is stressed out by his or her schoolwork should take a break and think about the big picture. He or she may be able to significantly reduce stress by simply taking a few deep breaths and remembering that school is an important step down a path to future happiness. Keeping things in perspective and focusing on the goal and not the stress can provide a person with a feeling of calm in a hectic environment.



Stop It

Some things that people do that cause stress simply aren’t worth doing. If you can’t put the stressful activity into perspective, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. For example, if you get mad every time you watch the news, stop watching it. If you have a person in your life who adds nothing but stress and strife, perhaps it is time for you to remove him or her from your life. At a minimum you should reduce your time spent with this person. This can be especially difficult when it is a family member, significant other or long-time friend, but a negative person is one you don’t need to be around regardless of who they are.


Share Your Feelings

The act of talking about your stress can often work to reduce it. This doesn’t mean you should whine and complain endlessly, but stopping momentarily to tell your co-worker, spouse, child, dog or plant that you are stressed out can help you to release some of the stress. This will help your mind and body to calm down and refocus on the task at hand. Just remember to keep the conversation about your stress short and move on from it.


Go For a Walk

Going for a walk has a number of beneficial attributes that can help you to beat stress. The physical exercise releases bodily chemicals that work to calm the mind. Walking also helps to distract the mind from the stresses of daily life. Though a long, strenuous walk is great exercise for the mind and body, simply going outside and strolling around your property can be enough to reduce stress and to calm your mind.


We hope these tips help you live your best life in a less stressful way.

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