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Student Stories – Axel Guerra

Blog | Brisbane | Merivale St

Axel Guerra is one of several South Americans staying with Scape. He’s from Peru’s capital, Lima, and has been in Australia for two years now. Like most South Americans, he loves football AKA soccer. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him to learn more about his University journey in Australia.


How did you end up coming to Australia?

I studied International Business at the University of Lima and they have a partnership with the University of Queensland. They told me that I can get a double degree and study at UQ for 2 years. Then I could come back to Lima and finish another Semester and get 2 degrees. It sounded like a good idea. I was 23 when I left Lima and I really like this place, it’s fun.


How did you get into Business Management?

Well first I was studying System Engineering when I got into Uni. After a few years I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I travelled to the U.S for the summer on a work and travel program. I was in Vermont for 3 months. After that I thought I’d like to travel more.


How was Vermont?

It was very cold. It’s in the North East, close to Boston. I’d never been to anywhere else besides Peru. It was really different. It was cold, there was snow every day. It was my first time seeing snow. It was great at first, but then it’s just cold.


Did you know what to expect when you first moved to Australia?

Not really, the first thing I noticed was that you drive on the other side of the road here. At first it was strange but I got used to it quickly. I drove all the way to Sydney in 2017 for Christmas.


How did you end up at Merivale Street?

I first came here with two other Peruvians and we thought we might get an apartment or something. We stayed in a hotel for a few days. Then we realised that we didn’t have enough time, so we had to pick something nice pretty quickly. We did some benchmarking between numerous student accommodation providers and it was best for us in terms of facilities, location and price, so we decided to stay here.


What are you going to do after you finish your degree?

I’m looking forward to doing my Masters. I’m doing online courses for MIT in the States. I’ve just realised what I want to do since I’ve been here in Australia. Logistics is everywhere, but I’m thinking about using all of the networking contacts I’ve developed in Australia and Asia to open my own company in Peru. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a nice job outside of your own country.


What do you like to do when you’re not studying?

Recently I’ve been watching Friends hahaha. I’ve never watched it before. I’ve been watching random episodes and now I’m really into it. I play outdoor soccer at least once a week. My first week at UQ I saw ten people playing in the park. I was just watching and one of them came over and asked if I wanted to play, so I played. They told me that they play soccer every Thursday at midday and invited me to join them. It’s social, it’s really fun. Then one of the guys told me they played on Saturdays in the park, but it’s a bit more serious. After that I came to play with them every Saturday. Then there was another invitation to play on Fridays. So I’ve met a lot of people just playing football. Different cultures, different friends. If you’re South American, you must love soccer!


That’s it for the this edition of ‘Student Stories.’ Stayed tuned for more interesting interviews from Scape residents Australia-wide.


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