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Student Stories – Hitasha Singh

Blog | Brisbane | Merivale St

Hitasha Singh is a Resident Assistant at Atira Merivale Street, studying a Masters of Agriculture Sciences at the University of Queensland. She’s a happy, bubbly individual who is all about spreading positive vibes and helping her fellow residents make the most out of their study experience in Australia. We sat down with her a few months ago and by the time this appears she will have finished her Masters in Agriculture, so a big congratulations to you Hitasha!


Where are you from and how long have you been here?

I’m from Delhi, in India, and I’ve been in Australia since 2017. I grew up in Delhi and lived there until 2013, then I went to Punjab for my Bachelors in Agriculture, which took 4 years. Straightaway after I completed my Bachelors, I came to Australia.


How did you get into studying Agriculture?

Actually, I wanted to be a Doctor. I was trying so hard, but I didn’t get in. I did the examination for Agriculture Sciences, and I got 34th rank in all of India. It felt really good. A really good experience.


Did anyone else in your family have any agricultural experience?

My grandparents did actually. They were farmers, so there was that background. It was a natural fit, but not many females go into this sort of thing. Field work isn’t the only thing, there’s lab work and research work too, with technology there’s so much going on these days. This is what brought me to Australia.


So it’s a male dominated industry?

It’s normally a male dominated industry yes, but I’m interested in the research work , so that’s what I’m doing. I tried the field work first, and I loved it. It was stressful but I loved it.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m doing research with the Queensland Government, which is a lot of fun too, but not as much fun as field work. You can really learn about what’s going on by getting out there in the field. Apart from my practicals I haven’t had much of a chance to do field work here in Australia. I’m doing my research work in Eco-Sciences at the moment. For my Masters, I’m doing my research project with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. I am doing research on Gabomba Carolina, which is a water weed and is blocking drains and rivers and negatively affecting the native plant and animal species. It was imported from Latin America. I’m thinking of ways to solve this issue.


What are the plans for after you finish Uni?

I’ll take a bit of a break, then I’ll apply for my post-graduate visa and work visa. Then later I’ll consider doing a PHD, but I need a break from my studies. It’s been a long time. Even before the 6 years of Uni there was the continuous study at school.


That’s it for the this edition of ‘Student Stories.’ Stayed tuned for more interesting interviews from Atira residents Australia-wide.


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