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Student Stories – Shivam Gaur


Shivam grew up in New Delhi, India. He was schooled and lived there for ten years before moving to Rajasthan for 4 years before studying Computer Science Engineering and moving to Australia at the tender age of 17. How did he end up at Atira Regent Street? Let’s find out.

What are you studying and how did you choose that discipline?

I’m pursuing a Masters in Computer Science and will be graduating in July. I was in High School and I had the option to choose an additional subject, so I chose computer science, where I got to do some programming stuff. I really liked it, so I’ve been involved in coding, programming, and building applications ever since.  I’ve been doing this since high school, and I decided after my schooling that I would pursue this as my occupation.

How did you end up in Australia?

Towards the end of my undergraduate studies I had already made up my mind that I would pursue higher education in a foreign country. Australia was in my mind because there are some very good universities here offering Masters in Computer Science. The University of Melbourne and University of Queensland were in my mind, luckily, I got accepted here at UQ first.

What do you like about Brisbane?

Brisbane is a great city. It’s peaceful, a relatively new city and it’s exciting. The people are really good here and it’s also a cheaper cost of living than Melbourne and Sydney, so because of all of those factors, I chose Brisbane and to pursue my education at UQ.

How did you find the first couple of weeks in a new country by yourself?

I didn’t know anyone here. It was exciting to be honest. Australia is very different from India and to be here and to know people from different cultures and backgrounds was pretty amazing. It was a great learning experience.

What were some of the major differences you found?

Mostly it’s the number of people. India has so many people, it is super crowded, Australia is still a growing country and it’s very peaceful with lots of tourist places and beaches, India has a smaller number of beaches and the beaches are cleaner here, more attractive.

What do you do when you’re not at University?

I’m also working part time here at Atira Regent Street as a Resident Assistant and I’m a part time tutor as well. Tutoring the software process, core competency which is part of the Bachelors at UQ. Apart from that, I like to travel. I’ve travelled a lot over the past 6-8 months. I went to Melbourne, then to Uluru. Melbourne was pretty good, a bit different and bigger than Brisbane, a different experience with the trams and the public transport. I went on Atira’s one-day tour along the Great Ocean Road, which was pretty amazing. The scenery was so fascinating.

Tell us about your Uluru trip

I flew into the airport where Uluru is and spent 3 days at a resort. I happened to have a friend there. He’s working there in the resort. He used to live here at Atira, he came here from Korea to study, then he went to Uluru. He’s my good friend, I told him I was coming, and to book a room for me. We had a good time. We went driving through the national park, drove around the rock, went through the forest. Pretty amazing experience. The place is so isolated and lonely that all you really do out there is visit Uluru itself and drive around. When you’re walking around, the stars are so much brighter and there are so many more of them that you can’t see in the city.

That’s it for this edition of ‘student stories’. Stayed tuned for more interesting interviews from Atira residents Australia-wide.


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