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Comfort tips for efficient work and study

Blog | Adelaide
Headspace isn’t the only crucial factor in how good your study will be. Physical space like where you work, your posture and the equipment you use can impact how successful your study sessions are. Make sure you consider the following things to maximise your desk time!
Whether you’re in one of the Atira communal study spaces, in a library at uni or in your room, we’ve got you covered on Wi-Fi, desks and chairs, but here are some tips to make the most of your sessions.
Chair and sitting position

woman sits at a desk and hold her sore neck
Taking short but regular walks, getting up and stretching or breaking to exercise are great for your study. Sitting on a chair for hours on end reading isn’t an effective way to study and may cause a sore back or neck later… don’t settle for a comfy but lopsided position. Sit up as straight as you can, have your knees about in line with your hips (a right angle!), keep your feet flat on the floor and keep your shoulders relaxed.


Computer position

If you’re writing essays or looking at study materials on a screen it’s super important you have your screen at the correct height. You want the bottom of your screen just above eye height so that your neck isn’t craning down to read for hours. You can buy monitor and laptop mounts and stands from Officeworks or other stores, some even come with USB ports as an added bonus.


Glasses if you need them!

woman wearing glasses works sitting at her desk
Anyone who has optometrist prescribed glasses has probably been lazy enough to try and work without them for a while, bad idea! Give your eyes the fighting chance and use whatever glasses or lenses you have that will reduce eye strain and soreness. If you haven’t been to an optometrist recently, consider paying them a visit for preventative care, or to assist with any sight problems you may be having. Make sure you take frequent breaks and try focusing on things in the distance to relax your eyes after a lot of close work.


two students sitting together on a couch talking

As above, taking breaks is super important for mental and physical health when studying. Make sure you factor in lots of short breaks throughout your study or essay writing. Giving yourself 5 minutes to chat to a friend or one of the Atira team, visiting the communal areas for a cup of tea or doing some stretching in your room can help loosen your body as well as give your brain a few minutes to chill. Pushing yourself to do four hours straight at the desk is likely to end up in burning out, instead schedule a small break every hour or two where you can relax. You’ll find that after those short breaks you feel more energised and refreshed.

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