Enjoying the Ekka Royal Queensland Show

Every year Brisbane has a festival, the Royal Queensland show or more commonly known as “Ekka” which goes on for a week.

Ekka has entertainment for both adults and children, it has an animal boulevard, cats, competitions, cow paddock, horse and pony highlights.There are also live music, musical showdown, whipcracking competition, sideshow alley rides and many more.

There are also food from restaurants and steakhouses. At night, the arena area becomes a showground featuring shows such as horse archery combat show, jaws of death aerial straight jacket escape, monster trucks, ending the night with fireworks!

This year was my first time at Ekka, I found it to be so fascinating as there was nothing like this back in my home country. Ekka was a very fun event and I enjoyed watching the fireworks. Brisbane is a beautiful city filled with surprises.

Author:  Pat, Atira Student Resident