Getting a job at Atira

Ever since I moved into Atira I have seen students working for Atira. The position that was available was the Student Experience Assistants. I have always known that Atira values student’s life readiness, before, during, and after their studies. Atira hires students so that they are ready to face the world with skills that could help them secure a job.

The SEA’s makes sure that residents are happy and are a very big part of what makes them feel at home.They encourage students to participate in fun social events and inform residents of what’s happening around at the area.

Another position opened and I immediately applied for the job. This job is the social media assistant and is currently what I am doing right now.

It has given me a lot of experience and a deeper understanding of what working is like for the first time.

Join the Atira Team and someday work with us!

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Author:  Pat, Atira Student Resident