Below are the house rules for Atira Student Living. As we have many buildings across Australia the rules may differ slightly depending on your state or building. For up to date rules please consult your student handbook or as an Atira staff member.


  1. A breach of any of the Special Terms or House Rules will result in the Resident being issued with a Form R11 Rental Breach allowing you 5 days to remedy this breach
  2. If you do not remedy this Form R11 Rental Breach you will be issued with a Form R12 Notice to Leave allowing you 2 days to vacate the premises
  3. A Serious Breach of any of the Special Terms or House Rules with result in the Resident being asked to Leave IMMEDIATELY via Form R12 Notice to Leave

Residents must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other residents.

1.1 Storage and drinking of alcohol outside of the Resident living space is not permitted.

1.2 Smoking is not permitted within 5 metres of the Rental Premises (building). If Atira believes the Resident has smoked in their room you will be requested to steam clean curtains, furniture etc.

1.3 There are to be no parties held on the Rental Premises at any time without prior permission received in writing from Atira management.

1.4 At all times Residents must maintain a reasonable standard of dress in consideration of other Residents.

1.5 Theft and illegal substances will not be tolerated and offenders will be reported to the police.

1.6 Drunk/Disorderly behaviour is unacceptable. Violence or aggression towards other residents will not be tolerated. THIS IS CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH. Disputes must be reported to Atira, who will attempt resolutions between all Residents involved before passing it on to the relevant authorities.

1.7 Any suggestion of racial, religious or sexual denigration or harassment ARE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH. All Residents residing in the Rental Premises are to be treated with respect and consideration at all times.

1.8 Residents are not permitted to place notes for public display. Any issues which need to be resolved are to be dealt with in a civil adult manner by speaking with housemates. As a last resort Atira is to be contacted to resolve any issues which are a result of house rules breaches.

1.9 Personal items such as suitcases, shoes, boxes, etc. are not to be left in the common areas. Atira take no responsibility for loss of items. Cleaners are instructed to remove and throw away these items.

1.10 Residents must keep their Audio Devices at an acceptable noise level as not to disturb other Residents/create noise pollution.


Residents must maintain their rooms –

2.1 In a way that does not interfere with the reasonable comfort of other Residents,

2.2 In a condition that does not give rise to a fire or health hazard.

2.3 Residents are not permitted to cook in their bedrooms (self-contained studios excluded) & must not leave uncleaned

crockery, cutlery or rubbish in their rooms. All used crockery/cutlery must be cleaned & put away immediately & any rubbish must be removed & placed in the bins provided.

2.4 Damage or destruction of any part of the room or a facility in the room, breaking windows & any other act which may damage deface, or break any part of the Rental Premises or its contents, furnishings and appliances, which occurs as a result of a resident’s wilful, negligent or reckless conduct ARE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH.

2.5 Residents are not permitted to affix any items to the walls which includes, blu tak, sticky tape, picture hooks or similar. This includes marking, painting, driving nails/screws into walls. If paintwork is damaged Residents will be charged to repair it.

2.6 Residents will be required to have their bed mattress professionally steam cleaned upon vacating and provide a receipt. If no receipt if provided, it will result in Atira having to coordinate this at a fee of $100 charged to the Resident (included into departure clean fee)

2.7 Residents with carpet in their room will be required to have the carpet professionally steam cleaned upon vacating and provide a receipt. If no receipt if provided it will result in Atira having to coordinate this at a fee of $100 charged to the Resident (included into departure clean fee)

2.8 Residents with a split system air conditioner or range hood in their rental premises will be required to have them professionally cleaned upon vacating and provide a receipt. Any damage caused to the air conditioner or range hood will be the resident’s responsibility. The professional clean can be organised by contacting the Building Manager or Atira Management Maintenance Department. If this is not done it will result in Atira having to coordinate this at a fee of $55 charged to the Resident


All Residents must leave all common areas neat, clean and tidy after using them.

3.1 All kitchen appliances and benches are to be cleaned after use. Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery must be washed, dried and placed inside cupboards.

3.2 Common areas in the Rental Premises include areas inside and outside the property that are accessible by multiple residents.

3.3 Failure to maintain clean & tidy common areas may result in professional cleaners being engaged at a cost divided by all Residents.

3.4 Residents of the premises are responsible jointly and severally for any damage which occurs in the common areas of the Rental Premises. All Residents are responsible for the costs associated with any repairs to damage in the common areas of the Rental Premises or until the Resident responsible for the damage is identified.


A laundry has been provided for use by residents. All residents are entitled to use the laundry.

4.1 Residents are required to provide their own laundry detergent/powder & any other laundry product they wish to use.

4.2 Residents must not leave items in the washing machine after the cycle is finished.

4.3 Residents are to keep the laundry area clean and tidy at all times and not to store their personal items in the laundry area.

4.4 Residents are to use the dryers provided and are not permitted to hang clothes on balcony areas.

  1. APPROVED HEATING APPLIANCES – Due to fire safety and energy efficiency residents are not permitted to use fan or bar/element heaters. The approved heating device is an oil filled column heater. Residents are to obtain approval in advance in writing from Atira before purchasing or using a heating appliance in the premises.

Guests are to vacate the premises by 10:00PM. Please note that Guests are not covered under the owners Public Liability insurance whilst attending the premises.

6.1 Visitation by guests should be kept to a minimum and preferably be conducted in the outdoor areas provided.

6.2 Guests must leave the property by 10pm and are not permitted to stay in your Apartment/Room past this time. Any guests reported or found sleeping at the Rental Premises without the permission of Atira Staff will result in the corresponding Resident incurring a penalty equivalent to one week’s rent per week payable on demand and deducted from the bond if unpaid. THIS MAY BE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH

6.3 Residents must ensure their guests abide by the house rules of the premises and that they do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other residents.

6.4 Guests are prohibited from entering the rooms of residents other than their host.

6.5 Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests including payment for any damage or breakage that may occur.

6.6 Guests must park their cars off the premises and not interfere with the resident’s use of the premises.


All rooms are inspected on monthly basis

7.1 On arrival, all Residents will be provided with a fire safety briefing. The fire safety equipment is connected to an alarm. If an alarm is activated, the Fire Brigade will respond to this alarm and send a vehicle to the Rental Premises at a fee of over $1,100. If this occurs as a result of a resident’s wilful, negligent or reckless conduct the corresponding resident will be charged for this callout fee of over $1,100 THIS IS CONSIDERED A SERIOUS BREACH



7.3 Residents are not to tamper with the Fire Safety Equipment at any time. Should the smoke alarms sound without reason, residents are to contact Atira immediately.


8.1 Residents are provided with one copy of a key to their room door.

8.2 Residents must not tamper with/ change any lock in the premises without written permission of Atira

8.3 Residents must not make copies of keys without permission being first obtained from Atira.

8.4 All exterior doors at the Rental Premises must be kept locked and closed at all times

8.5 Residents who lose their keys will be charged:

8.5.1 A $20 per key replacement charge for standard keys, to be paid in full before replacement keys will be ordered.

8.5.2 If you lock yourself out during or outside office hours, please can contact a member of staff who will be able to assist .

  1. WATER USAGE – Residents must ensure that all taps and showers are turned off completely and not left dripping. Toilets have a dual flush function – a half flush instead of a full flush will save 9 litres of water each time it is used. If there are any dripping or leaking taps please report them to Atira as a matter of urgency.
  2. ELECTRICITY USAGE – To avoid excessive and unnecessary electricity costs, all residents are to ensure that all lights and electrical appliances not being used (e.g. fan, air conditioner to be set at 24 degrees and not to be left on when not at the property – radio, television, computer, etc.) and are switched off when not in use or before leaving the premises. Residents will be breached for abusing what the owner provides. Residents must seek permission for any additional appliances to be kept in the room (i.e fridges) additional charges may apply if approved
  3. PERSONAL APPLIANCES & FURNITRE – Residents are at NO times permitted to bring their own personal appliances or furniture to the Rental Premises without written permission from Atira. Residents are to request in writing permission to use electrical appliances that are not provided at the premises. Residents are permitted to have in their room a quantity of 1 per person of the following appliances: desktop or laptop computer and charger, pedestal or desktop fan, iPad/mobile phone charger, printer/scanner, and clock radio. The responsible resident may receive backdated and continual monthly invoices for appliance usage/storage as well as a $100 removal fee for any furniture or appliances found on the rental premises without written permission from Atira. The owner reserves their right to seek compensation for unauthorised furniture or electrical appliances at the property without written permission from Atira.
  4. WHEELIE BIN (GARBAGE COLLECTION) – All residents of the premises are responsible for placing their rubbish in the waste bins provided. All Residents must place recyclable rubbish only in the recycle bins provided.
  5. Absence from Room – If a Resident is expected to be absent the Room or away from the Property for more than 48 hours, Property management must be informed via email, with an emergency contact number. If you are detained away from the Property for any reason, please contact the Property administration office and leave a message if it is unattended. For the avoidance of doubt, absence from your Room and/or the Property does not negate your responsibilities under your Residential Agreement. Should another resident or a Resident Assistant report to Property management that you have not been seen for 48 hours and you have not advised us of your intended absence, Property management considers this to constitute an emergency and reserves the right and has the authority to enter your Room/Apartment to check that you are okay. If you are reported as being absent from the Property for more than 72 hours, and we have no records of your whereabouts, Property management may report you as a missing person to the police and/or contact your next of kin. If you are under 18 years of age, we will also contact the person nominated as Guarantor in your Residential Agreement.
  6. Alcohol & Personal issues -. Alcohol is not permitted within the communal spaces at the property. If Property management is concerned about the personal wellbeing and/or safety of a resident, then they are entitled to treat the situation as an emergency and enter a resident’s Room/ Apartment without notice and/or notify the University counselling services about the concerns. If a resident is worried about a fellow resident in their Apartment or if the behaviour of another resident in the Property affects the living habits of other residents, the resident should immediately notify Property management and endeavour to seek help for that resident of concern.
  7. Bicycles –. Bicycles must, otherwise, be secured only to the bicycle racks and/or cages located throughout the Property. Bicycles must not to be left unattended or secured to other objects such as benches, light posts, trees, handrails or disabled access ramps or placed in hallways or obstruct or impede a means of access. The Property is not responsible for the security of, the theft of, or any loss or damage sustained to any bicycle which is secured via the bicycle racks or left anywhere else in the Property
  8. Parking – The Property may have limited parking spaces available and may not be able to provide parking facilities to all residents of the Property. Any vehicles (including motorbikes and electric scooters) permitted to park within the Property must only be parked in the designated parking space(s) and in accordance with this Rule 16. Under no circumstances are vehicles to be parked on Property lawns, greens or courtyards. Motorbikes and electric scooters are not permitted inside Rooms or Apartments (including on any balcony, deck, patio or porch).If the Property has parking facilities:

(a) a resident must, where required, have a valid Property parking sticker to park a vehicle in the designated parking space(s) within the Property, subject to availability; and

(b) Property parking stickers must be attached to the vehicle and must be clearly displayed at all times. Where visitor parking spaces are available at the Property, the visitor parking spaces are clearly displayed as such. The limited visitor parking spaces must be left clear for visitors. Authority must be sought from the Property administration office to park in a visitor parking space. Visitors must not park in non-visitor parking space without the appropriate prior approval from Property management. Where resident parking is available at a Property, limited disabled parking spaces are also available and these spaces are strictly for residents with disabilities, who clearly display the appropriate disabled parking permit in their vehicle.

If any vehicle within the Property:

(a) is parked without authority;

(b) is parked without displaying a current and valid parking permit (where applicable) for the designated parking space;

(c) is not parked within a designated parking space; or

(d) is otherwise in contravention of this Rule 16 in any way, the Owner (in its absolute discretion) reserves the right (without limitation) to:

(e) issue the vehicle owner with a warning notice;

(f) arrange for the offending vehicle to be towed (at the vehicle owner’s expense);

(g) charge the vehicle owner an administration fee for arranging the towing services (where applicable); and/or

(h) take any further action as the Owner considers reasonable having regard to the circumstances.

The Property is not liable for any damage to and/or theft of any vehicle or property left within the vehicle whilst the vehicle is parked in the Property or resulting from the vehicle being towed from the Property.

  1. Residents and their guests in the Property are to show respect for order, morality, personal honour and rights as members of the Property community. Residents are responsible for their guests and will be held accountable, including financially (where applicable), for any act, omission or misconduct by their guests (including breach of the Rules or non-compliance with directions given by Property management to the guest). In cases of serious misconduct by a guest whilst at the Property, Property management may take action against the resident, including issue of a breach notice and/or termination of the Residential Agreement.
  2. Drugs/illegal substances -The possession, cultivation, usage, or selling of any non-prescribed or illegal drugs and/or substances or the usage or selling of prescribed drugs other than for its intended purpose, and the possession of any equipment to aid such use are prohibited at all times. Where Property management has grounds to reasonably suspect that a resident(s) is in breach of this Rule 18, Property management may (without limitation):
  3. a) request the resident to immediately remove any such substances and/or equipment from the Property;
  4. b) confiscate such substances and/or equipment; and/or
  5. c) undertake disciplinary action in line with Rule 1 (Resident behaviour).

This aims to ensure the safety and security of all Residents residing at the Property. A breach of this Rule 18, in any form, by a Resident is considered serious misconduct. Property management reserves the right to immediately terminate a Resident’s Residential Agreement and also report the incident to the University, the police and any other authority it thinks appropriate

  1. Gym use – If the Property includes a gym, it is for the use and benefit of residents of the Property only. The gym is not monitored and residents use the gym at their own risk at all times and releases the Owner and/or Operator of the Property from any liability for any personal injury, loss or damage to property arising from or in connection with the use of the gym or the gym equipment. Residents must use the gym and gym equipment for its intended purpose only, and must follow any gym rules and/or equipment instructions specified on signage in or around the gym. Residents who cause damage or destruction to the gym equipment may be charged with the cost of replacing or repairing the damaged item. Residents may only use the gym and gym equipment if they have no medical condition or impairment (including being under the influence of drugs or alcohol) which would limit their ability to use the equipment in a safe manner. Residents who use the gym agree and consent to receive first aid/medical treatment at the resident’s expense.
  2. Hazardous Material Hazardous materials, including (but not limited to) aerosol spray paint cans, automotive or industrial batteries, chemicals, charcoal fluid, propane, fuelled camping lanterns, kerosene, and corrosive materials like acid and explosives, must not be brought onto, used or stored in or around the Property because of the safety risk to you and other residents of the Property. If a material is deemed hazardous, Property management may arrange for its removal with the cost of arranging such removal to be on-charged to the Resident(s) responsible for the material. Residents must not pour motor oil or any other hazardous material on the ground or down any drain in the Property. Motor oil is a hazardous material and cannot legally be recycled or discarded at the Property.
  3. Inspections and Building Condition Issues Subject to complying with the notice provisions in Rule
  4. (Management Access to Rooms), Property management reserves the right to enter any Room/Apartment: In the case of an emergency (as determined by Property management at its discretion);

(a) for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or repair; or

(b) if requested to do so by a resident who resides in the Room/ Apartment (as the case may be).

Residents must not change any lock or place any additional locks on any door to their Room or any other doors within their Apartment. Inspections of Rooms/Apartments are undertaken by Property management to identify maintenance needs, ensure that health, safety and cleanliness standards are being maintained in the Room/ Apartment and to enable planning for renovation or refurbishment projects. Failure to pass the cleaning inspections, particularly after Property management has issued notice(s) from previous inspections) may result in charges to resident(s) for professional cleaners to return the Room and/or Apartment to Property standards.

22.1 Management Access to Rooms – By signing a Residential Agreement and without limiting any provision of the Residential Agreement, Residents agree to give access to Rooms/Apartments as set out in the Minimum Notice Table below (for the avoidance of doubt, Property management is not required to give notice to access and/or inspect Apartment Common Areas in multi-bedroom Apartments). Notwithstanding the Minimum Notice Table below:

(a) Property management may enter the Room/Apartment with the consent of the Resident given prior to or at, or immediately before, the time of entry or where the Resident agrees to the entry; and

(b) where Property management access and inspect a Room/Apartment under this Rule, Property management reserves the right to enforce a breach of the Residential Agreement and/or Rules (or any part thereof), notwithstanding the purpose for which access was gained. Minimum Notice Table (subject to Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (QLD)

Purpose of Entry Minimum Notice (given to Resident)

(a) In an emergency or to carry out urgent repairs (determined by Property management, at its discretion Without Notice

(b) Where property management hasmade a reasonable attempt to obtain entry and has a reasonable belief that a person in the Apartment is causing a disturbance (eg – noise complaint) Without Notice

(c) Where property management has made a reasonable attempt to obtain entry with consent and has reasonable cause for serious concern about the health and/or safety of a Resident(s) or any other person that property management believes is in the Room/Apartment 24 Hours

(d) Where property management forms a reasonable belief that a Room and/or Apartment has been abandoned 24 Hours

(e) To carry out or assess the need for repairs (other than urgent repairs) to, or maintenance of, the Room/Apartment (at your request) Without notice, where your request gives consent for access , otherwise 24 hours

(f) To carry out, inspect or assess the need for work for the purpose of compliance with the Owner’s statutory obligations relating to the health or safety of Room, Apartment or Village (as applicable) 24 Hours

(g) To carry out or assess the need for necessary repairs (other than urgent repairs) to, or maintenance of, the Room/ Apartment (for general purposes) 24 Hours

(h) To conduct an inspection (other than final departure inspections, where not less than 24 hours notice is to be given) Notice may be given by way of an Inspection Schedule. General Tenancy Agreement – 7 days (not more than once every 3 months, unless you agree otherwise) Rooming Accommodation Agreement – 2 days (not more than once a month, unless you agree otherwise)

(i)To show prospective occupants the Room/ Apartment at reasonable hours 24 Hours

  1. Pest Control – Any infestations that are found to have been introduced or caused by a resident(s) will result in charges being levied for the costs of the eradication of the pests incurred by the Property. Good housekeeping is very important. Residents must ensure that food is not left out or uncovered. It is unhealthy and attracts ants and other pests. The Property employs a pest control company to carry out routine treatments. This company will only use chemicals that are permitted by law and which comply with Australian/NZ Standards as applicable. Prior to any residential area of the Property being treated, 48 hours’ notice will be given to residents.
  2. Pets- Residents are not permitted to keep pets, including (without limitation) fish, rodents, insects and reptiles in the Room, Apartment and/or the Property. Additionally, residents are not permitted to bring animals into any building of the Property. This Rule does not apply to the extent that it restricts the keeping of a guide or hearing dog.
  3. General recreational facilities – If the Property has recreational facilities, they are for the use and enjoyment of all residents of the Property. Non-residents, if they are registered with the Property administration office, are also allowed to use the recreational facilities but only if accompanied by a resident. Property management does not encourage the use of the Property’s recreational facilities by non-residents on a regular basis and reserves the right to restrict non-resident use and/or access to the recreational facilities. No alcohol is permitted in this space on the property.

(b) Pools ‐ If the Property has a pool(s), the following rules apply to its use:

(i) access to and use of the pool is strictly limited to the opening hours displayed by signage at (or close to) the pool or otherwise as notified by Property management from time to time. Any resident found to be accessing and/or using (or attempting to access or use) the pool outside the opening hours will be in breach of this Rule, which is deemed as misconduct by property management

(ii) no glassware is permitted in, on or around the pool area;

(iii) in the event that the pool is deemed unclean, unsafe or unhygienic by Property management (in its absolute discretion), the pool may be closed for an indefinite period of time at Property management’s discretion;

(iv) no diving is permitted;

(v) no unsafe or dangerous behaviour, as determined by Property management at its discretion, is permitted.

(c) BBQs – If the Property has barbeque(s) (BBQ) available for common use by residents, residents must only use the BBQ for its intended purpose. Resident(s) who use the BBQ must keep it tidy and clean it after each use. Due to the inherent fire hazards, residents are not permitted, under any circumstances, to bring in or use a BBQ in the Property (including the Room and/or the Apartment), other than those supplied by the Property.

  1. The roofs of buildings in the Property are not constructed for pedestrian traffic with the exception of roof top terraces. Residents must not go onto the roof of any buildings in the Property for both their own safety and to avoid damage. Resident(s) are responsible for and will be charged for any damage they cause to the roofs as a result of a breach of this Rule.
  2. The Property strives to provide its residents with a safe and secure atmosphere that is conducive to the academic life of each resident. Complacency can result in burglary, and we often think that “it will never happen to me” but when it does we are shocked and look to blame someone other than ourselves. With this in mind, there are several ways in which residents can further increase their level of security by:

(a) ensuring that your Room/Apartment door closes and locks behind you when you enter or leave your Room/Apartment;

(b) ensuring that building external doors are kept locked at all times;

(c) not propping open doors (noting that this may result in an administration fee being levied on the resident(s) responsible by Property management);

(d) disallowing people that you do not know from following you into a building;

(e) getting to know your neighbours;

(f) never lending your keys and/or swipe card to another person;

(g) not leaving your Apartment key and/or swipe card under a pot plant, door mat or on the frame of the door jamb;

(h) not leaving windows open when you are not in your Room/Apartment;

(i) not leaving money or valuables in full view when you are not in your Room/Apartment;

(j) securing your bike to a bike rack using a quality lock such as a Ubolt;

(k) by notifying Property management or security if you notice any suspicious people or behaviour in or around the Property.

  1. Shopping trolley(s) are not permitted within the Property. Any Resident found to have brought a shopping trolley(s) into the Property will be charged an administration fee as well as any amount incurred by the Owner from the owner of the trolley.
  2. The possession of weapons (sword/knives etc.) or fire arms (guns etc.) by a resident and/or their guests within the Property is strictly forbidden. If a resident is found to be in possession of a weapon and/or firearm, Property management will take disciplinary action which may include immediate termination of a resident’s Residential Agreement, confiscation of the weapon/firearm. Property management also reserves the right to report the incident to the police, including handing over of such confiscated weapon or firearm to the police. A breach of this Rule 30, in any way whatsoever, is deemed serious misconduct by Property management.