7 Bedroom Apartment

231 Waymouth Street, Adelaide City

Enjoy one of seven beautifully furnished bedrooms while meeting like-minded people from all over the world. Our multi-bedroom apartments are a great way to live and be immersed in different cultures, share your own, and make lifelong friends.

The spacious, fully-equipped kitchen is perfect for hosting themed group dinners and has plenty of space to store everyone’s food, drinks, utensils and crockery. Unwind in the apartments’ lounge area, whilst enjoying the privacy of your own bed and bathroom.

For extra space, we also have 7 Bedroom Plus and 7 Bedroom Premier options available.

  Low floorHigh floor
7 Bedroom Standard4-16 Weeks$350 Per week$365 Per week
17-43 Weeks$330 Per week$345 Per week
44-52 Weeks$310 Per week$325 Per week
7 Bedroom Plus4-16 Weeks$360 Per week$375 Per week
17-43 Weeks$340 Per week$355 Per week
44-52 Weeks$320 Per week$335 Per week
7 Bedroom Premier4-16 Weeks$370 Per week$385 Per week
17-43 Weeks$350 Per week$365 Per week
44-52 Weeks$330 Per week$345 Per week