Why Brisbane

Brisbane has invested a lot in recent years to make it one of the most ideal places to live on the planet. Rough Guides recent survey placed Brisbane at No. 8 most beautiful city in the world.

Rough Guide described Brisbane as being “chosen for its winning combination of high-rise modern architecture, lush green spaces and the enormous Brisbane River that snakes its way through the centre before emptying itself into the azure Moreton Bay,” said the Rough Guides website.

Indeed Brisbane has for a number of years been considered one of the most liveable cities in the world. Not too big to rival Sydney or Melbourne in their frantic pace, crowded streets and expensive living, yet large enough to offer all the infrastructure of a modern city with an abundance of arts, entertainment and dining.

In fact, Brisbane benefits immensely from the completion of a huge infrastructure investment that allows easy access around the city with a myriad of underground tunnels, bikeways and dedicated busways. Over 100 bicycle stations are situated around the city areas where students get 25% discount on City Cycle hire. There is also a 50% discount for students on public transport.