6 Bedroom Apartment – Toowong

33 Glen Rd, Toowong

Enjoy one of 6 fantastic bedrooms, with individual wardrobes, a King Single bed, and private desk with chair & lamp.

You will share a spacious furnished kitchen, three bathrooms, and a lofty lounge area with your new flatmates. We offer mixed or same-sex apartments to cater to your preference.

You can also access our range of facilities and common areas where you can relax, socialise, and engage in our Student Experience Program’s on-site events— such as BBQ and movie nights, fitness classes, and cooking lessons.

SemesterLow ViewHigh View
1 Semester$279 per week
Was $315
$288 per week
Was $325
2 Semesters$261 per week
Was $295
$270 per week
Was $305