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5 Netflix documentaries worth watching


We know University can get frantic, and you don’t always have the time or energy to sift through Netflix’s seemingly endless plethora of documentaries. If you’re suffering from compulsive indecisiveness, we’ve got the solution with these 5 Netflix documentaries you should watch.


Image showing Jiro Dreams of Sushi poster

If you’re a fan of sushi or Japan in general, you’ll enjoy Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It tells the story of 85 year old sushi master Jiro, owner of 3 star Michelin restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Sukiyabashi Jiro is a 10 seat sushi station booked months in advance. Jiro is known as the world’s greatest sushi chef, with an obsession for perfection and deep reverence for his work, and it’s this dedication to creating perfect sushi that is so astounding to watch.

“I was going to make a film with a lot of different sushi chefs who all had different styles, but when I got to Jiro’s restaurant, I was not only amazed by how good the sushi was and how much greater it was than any other sushi restaurant I had ever been to, but I also found Jiro to be such a compelling character.” – Director David Gelb.

Watch the trailer.


Image showing What the Health Netflix Documentary poster


The documentary launching a million vegans and a million heated a arguments regarding the merits or detriments of Veganism. The benefits of a plant based diet verses the typical western diet have been debated for a long time but are explored more thoroughly in What the Health.

What The Health is “The film that health organisations don’t want you to see.”

Its provocative nature encourages research and questions what’s on our plate, and who’s responsible for the health information we receive.

Watch the trailer.



Image showing Being Elmo Netflix Documentary poster

Being Elmo is the heartwarming story of a man and a muppet who found each other and created joy for millions of children and adults alike. Kevin Clash had humble beginnings, creating his own puppets in his bedroom and performing for local children. We follow the story of his seemingly untouchable dream of meeting and working for Jim Henson as it became a reality.

Being Elmo is a touching story of one young boy’s dedication and persistence, which results in him achieving more than he would have ever hoped. In the process, Kevin and Elmo spread joy and happiness to millions through this wonderful journey to Sesame Street.

Watch the trailer.


Image showing Man Vs Snake Netflix Documentary poster


Tim McVey was the first person to score over 1 billion points on a video game and this is the story of his journey to defend his title at Nibbler. 25 years after this original high score he achieved with a single quarter and 44hrs of constant gameplay, rumours of a higher score arise. This forces Tim to choose whether to defend his title or lose his legacy forever. Man vs Snake: The long and twisted tale of Nibbler is an enjoyable documentary for all gamers, particularly classic video gamers.

“The inspirational and outrageous true story of one man’s quest for the highest video game score ever.”

Watch the trailer.


Image showing Minimalism Netflix Documentary poster

Less is more is the approach taken by the makers of Minimalism, who aim to highlight the virtues of living simply and rejecting the premise of needing ‘things’ to be happy. The film makers interview a multitude of people from all walks of life who have adopted the minimalist approach. These include entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker.

In a society obsessed with acquiring more and more things, this film helps shed light on rampant consumerism.

“How might your life be better with less?”.

Watch the trailer.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of 5 Netflix documentaries you should watch.

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