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5 Tips to Ensure Success in University


Every student pursuing higher education wants to succeed. Nobody attends university with hopes of failing, but sometimes doing well in school is tougher than it seems. Adjusting to life away from home, exploring a deeper sense of self, and acclimating to a whole new lifestyle can cause a lot of extra stress, subsequently causing students to sink. Luckily, a current university student has compiled her top five tips for success in school. Continue reading to learn more.

Invest In A Planner 
Even if you are not the type of person to write your events and assignments down on paper, this is something you may want to try. Living in the digital age, we tend to rely on our phones for reminders, but it has been scientifically proven that writing things down helps us better retain them. At the beginning of each semester, look at your syllabi, and write down when every assignment is due in your planner. This will help you plan ahead, so there will be no surprises later on.

Use Paper Notebooks for Notes 
This may seem like a given, but in college, many students prefer to use their computers or tablets to take digital notes during lectures. However, as mentioned previously, it has been proven that physically writing content down helps us better retain it. Use highlighters, multicoloured pens, and anything else that is visually appealing in your notes as well. When you study, it will be easy to flip through your notebook and recall writing the material down.

Stay Active
All Atira properties have a 24/7 gym that is included with your rent. Walking to class is a great way to stay active, but using the gym is another way to get a quick workout in between study to relieve stress and stay in shape. Exercise releases endorphins which will boost your mood if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious!


Gym at Merivale Property

Make Good Class Friends 
Making friends in your classes is very important for success in university. Friends from various courses can help remind you of due dates, study with you, and teach you material that you may not understand. Some friends you make in class may even turn out to be lifelong companions!

Stick to a Routine

Having a strict routine in university is crucial to doing well. Obviously there will be a few exceptions, but overall, you should try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, eating schedule, and studying schedule. Staying on task is very important to succeed in college, so the more you can stick to a routine, the easier it will be to get in the habit of studying and taking care of yourself!


Overall, it is relatively easy to succeed in university. Coming from a student’s perspective, all you need to focus on is working hard, and staying on task. These five tips, when worked into your routine, will ensure that you do well in your higher education experience!


All the best!

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