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Emi Fujita

Atira Stories: Meet Emi Fujita from Kobe, Japan


Atira resident and University of Queensland ICTE Scholarship Student, Emi Fujita, writes about her move from Japan to Australia, her daily life in her new home, and how she makes new friends.

She receives five weeks of English language tuition at ICTE-UQ, and six weeks free accommodation at Atira Regent Street, Woolloongabba! Emi will also undertake a week of volunteer work experience with the International Team at Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s office. 

Read all about her adventures while living and studying in the wonderful city of Brisbane.

The following content is sourced from Emi Fujita at ICTE UQ Blog

My Routine in Brisbane

Hello, I am Emi! I came to Brisbane and started studying at ICTE-UQ. Today, I will show you my daily routine while studying in Brisbane.

From Monday to Friday, I get up at 6:30am and prepare to go to ICTE-UQ. I always eat rice and Miso-soup for breakfast in Japan, but I eat cereal, a boiled egg, yoghurt, and a fruit every morning in Brisbane. These are very easy to prepare and taste good! Especially, the yoghurt which is richer than the Japanese one, and I love it!


Then, I go to ICTE-UQ with my friend by bus. It takes only 15 minutes to get there from my accommodation at Atira Student Living.

Many students are walking into the campus at The University of Queensland when I get there because a lot of classes start at 8:00am, which is the same time as my English class.



In our class at ICTE-UQ, we learn English grammar, writing, practice speaking, and so on. Many of the students are Japanese, and we are trying to use only English in class. I am inspired by the other international students’ passion every day, and they encourage me to improve my English skills day by day.


After school, I often eat a sandwich that I make for lunch. After lunch, I study at the library, and then, I practice singing in the ICTE UQ Chorus.

This club is always filled with laughter. I have met a kind and powerful teacher and have also made friends there. Our teacher Vicki told us that we can take part in two big events in the next five weeks, so we are very lucky and excited.

The ICTE chorus has also given me many good friends. We practice singing and often enjoy talking at cafes. I always feel relaxed with them, so it is a precious time for me.

I can hear about their life in Brisbane, and I can talk about the difficulties of life overseas.

I think many international students seek the chance to meet people who have different backgrounds. I learned that to have the courage to say “I want to do that with you” is very important when I came here.

I couldn’t do that at first, but I started to try to say that after seeing the other students do it. Thanks to this lesson, I was able to make great friends here.

When I get back to the Atira Student Living, it is already dark outside.


Usually, I make dinner by myself, but sometimes staff of Atira make tacos, jacket potatoes, and other dinners for residents.


Before going to bed, I always write a diary to reflect on the day and write this blog. My room’s desk is clean and nice. I like to settle down to write diaries and blogs there.

Diaries are helpful to know how much I have grown during travel. I always write one when I am overseas. 


At first, I had no friends in Brisbane because I came here alone from Kobe. However, I am surrounded by many nice friends, teachers, and supporters now! Thanks to them, I have had a lot of fun at ICTE.

I can see my teacher and classmates in our classroom on weekdays. They have a variety of backgrounds and languages, so we communicate in English. Of course, it is difficult to communicate in English for me sometimes because I don’t have enough vocabulary and am not used to speaking English, but they know that I have been working on studying English, so I don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes when I talk with them.



In the beginning, I hesitated to speak in class because I felt embarrassed when I had mistaken the timing to speak or told incorrect answers when I have taken classes in Japan. To be honest, even now, I am sometimes afraid of making mistakes. However, as I spend a lot of time with the classmates, I feel free to speak in class.

In spite of the difficulty of the difference of languages, we always have a lot of fun together. When I had dinner with them at my classmate’s house, we enjoyed pizza and talking. We had a very good time!

At ICTE, I have met many people who inspire and encourage me. I really like my time with them, and I will try to be the person who can inspire them as well.

atira-student-accommodation-blog-uq-scholarAbout the author

Emi Fujita is an ICTE-UQ Scholar, Atira resident, and blogger from Kobe, Japan. She loves making new friends and blogging about her daily life in Australia. Follow her Aussie journey at ICTE UQ Blog

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