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Meet Our Young Achievers: Tegan Frei

Blog | Brisbane

Atira Student Living has partnered with the University of Queensland Young Achievers Program (UQYAP) to provide six fully-funded residential scholarships, helping hardworking and dedicated domestic students achieve their academic goals.

Developed by UQYAP and Atira Student Living, this initiative provides necessary support for students to overcome some of the challenges involved in transitioning from high school to university. 

This scholarship grant not only supports students by taking out the financial pressures of living out of home, but also provides a place to live, learn, and grow, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


4 smiling students of mixed ethnicity studying together with their laptops open


UQYAP recipient Tegan Frei comes from a big family of seven, who were struggling to support her with university fees, transport costs and the costs of living out of home. Tegan, who is currently studying Bachelor of Law (Honours) at UQ, said receiving this scholarship was a life-changing experience, it takes financial pressures of herself and her family, enabling her to immerse in her studies fully.


My favourite part about living at Atira is the social environment, and I love the free student experience events here uniting everyone. I came here knowing no one, and then I started to meet people from all over the world!

4 university friends taking a selfie on the rooftop of the Atira Student Living Toowong property with Brisbane city in the background.


The facilities are second to none. The rooftop is my personal favourite. It’s perfect to just chill out and go for a swim. The lobby is a great area with a pool table, communal kitchen and spaces for quiet study.


I can honestly say that this place is a great atmosphere for university students. Working in partnership with UQ, Atira Student Living not only provides a place to live, but also deliver opportunities for enriching academic experiences, personal growth, and vital stepping stones for their future careers.


University friends hanging out on the rooftop of Atira Student Living Glenn Rd, eating pizza and joking around, with Brisbane city in the background.


The most valuable piece of advice I can give for someone moving out of home is budgeting.  Make sure you know how to budget and manage money. It’s really important that you have these skills because they are important life lesson that you will always need. Then it won’t be such a shock when you leave home, then you won’t need to stress about finance.

4 uni students sitting on green beanbags, laughing and hanging out in the cinema room of Atira Student Living Toowong.



An absolute ride or die study tip is writing notes on coloured paper and sticking them in your room. I read a study, which found writing notes particularly on yellow paper, enhances your brain ability to retain the notes. Also, by sticking the notes around your room, you can study while cooking or even brushing your teeth! It’s great because when you’re asked a question, you associate the solution with the area it’s located in the house.

5 white blocks next to each other spelling out 'study' on top of a desk with books in the background out of focus



I thoroughly enjoy law and fell in love with this industry. It’s definitely a lot of hard working and studying, but I enjoy a challenge. My dream job is to be a lawyer and eventually move myself up to being a barrister.


“The partnership between UQ and Atira is providing great opportunities for deserving Young Achievers students during their first year of study.” – Steve Forster, Acting Director, Domestic Recruitment, The University of Queensland

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