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Navigating the World of Online Language Learning Resources

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Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we have websites, video conferencing, phone/tablet apps… just to name a few to make learning a new language easy and accessible for just about anyone with any type of smart device.

We have to sort through the flood of resources at the tips of our fingers to find the best at the lowest cost.Going into the language game is easy if you know what to look for. Keep the following key tips in mind when searching for online language learning resources.

Know What You’re Looking For When Learning a new Language

Ask yourself what your language learning goals are. Are you just beginning to learn a new language without any prior knowledge? Or are you revisiting a language you learned in high school or while spending considerable time in another country? Were you once fluent and now need a light dusting off of your skills?

Knowing what level you’re currently at and where you want to go will help you narrow your search. Also, be realistic about your goals. Language learning often takes considerable time, so pace yourself.

You may want to set shorter term goals and look for apps, software, and websites based on those milestones first. Once you’ve achieved your short term goals, you can reset and look for other software that will help you fulfil your next milestone.

High Price Doesn’t Always Mean High Quality


When looking at resources for learning a new language, don’t be fooled by thinking price means quality. When doing your research, look exactly at the services being provided, and whether they’re in line with your goals. Many online learning packages will offer a free version or a limited time trial to test their product out before committing to a purchase.

If you’re new to a language, there are a ton of language learning resources that are absolutely free. If you don’t mind a few advertisements here and there while you’re learning, these resources are a great way to get the fundamentals down without paying a penny.

Phone and tablet app developers have become really creative in the language learning market, making language learning – an often boring process at times – fun and stimulating.


Choose Your Language Learning Style


Two major types of instruction drive the language learning process: grammar/rule-based learning and Immersion learning. Online language learning resources usually follow one of these two tracts

Although immersion learning is often considered the best way to learn, many learners may feel more comfortable learning the rules of the language first in a more traditional style of progression.

Decide which method is right for you and look for that when you’re investigating online language websites, software, and phone/tablet apps. Also, decide if your goal is to speak the language or just understand it.

More intensive programs will include speaking tutorials that can measure the quality of your pronunciation and provide feedback. Less expensive and free resources do not focus as heavily on speaking.

Here are 40+ free online language learning resources.

If you’d like to incorporate language learning programs into our resident life activities, please let a Resident Assistant know you’re interested in seeing this included at your Atira location.

We hope this has helped provide a few ideas to help you learn a new language. Stay tuned for the next instalment.



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