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On your bike! Why cycling is good for you


When was the last time you were on a bike, flying along with the wind blowing through your hair? If you can’t remember, it’s been much too long, and it’s time to do something about it.

Cycling is a great low impact and fun way to exercise, boasts a whole range of benefits, and encourages you to explore your city. Here are are a few reasons why you should get pedalling today.


One of the obvious benefits of cycling people would cite is better fitness and weight loss.  Cycling is great for your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness and boosts your energy, strengthens your bones, and builds muscle, while also triggering the release of endorphins AKA your ‘feel-good hormones’. Cycling is much better on your joints compared to other exercises like road running, because the weight is distributed away from your legs, so any niggling knee or ankle injuries will cause much less grief.


Your brain is important, and you want it be be operating as highly as possible, so here’s another reason to start peddling more often.

As Cycling Weekly states, “Exercise has been repeatedly linked to brain health – and the reduction of cognitive changes that can leave us vulnerable to dementia later in life… A 2013 study found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow in the brain rose by 28 per cent, and up to 70 per cent in specific areas. Not only that, but after exercise, in some areas blood flow remained up by 40 per cent even after exercise.”



It doesn’t all have to be just about the bike. Gather some friends together, ride your bikes in the fresh air and sunshine, then go for a picnic or grab a coffee. Don’t worry you don’t have to wear all lycra 🙂

Studies have shown more social individuals have increased quality of life and happiness, decreased rates of depression, and even lower cases of dementia, so that’s reason enough in itself.


When was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? If the thought of leaving the house without your most precious possession is filling you with anxiety right now, perhaps it’s time for a break. Our lives are filled with screens and distractions, particularly during university, so a nice screen free ride outside in the real world may be just the tonic you need to recharge and refocus on your studies.


As humans, it’s important for us to get out in nature, and studies have shown getting outdoors has a range of health benefits positively affecting blood pressure, cancer risk, focus, memory, and our mental health. We spend a substantial amount of time indoors, and if the only outside time you’re getting is on the bus between university and home, then it’s probably time to hop on that bike and experience all the great outdoors has to offer.

Watch – What if you stopped going outside?


Have you been making a beeline from your room to Uni and back again but you’ve meaning to explore more of the city? Biking is an excellent way to cover a lot of ground without too much effort.

Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne all have amazing bike trails of various lengths and there’s plenty of signage around if you’re feeling unsure of where to go.


The Adelaide Free Bike hire scheme is a FREE bike hire scheme available to everyone every day. Operating since 2005, it’s one part of the City of Adelaide Smart Move strategy to create a more connected and user-friendly City.

Brisbane’s CityCycle has 150 stations available across Brisbane’s city centre, stretching from Newstead to West End and Toowong.

Melbourne Bike Share is a great option for short trips across Melbourne. It’s convenient, healthy & cheap

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