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Student Stories – Nan Wang

Blog | Melbourne | La Trobe St

Nan Wang is another one of Atira’s dedicated Resident Assistants. She’s currently living in Melbourne at Atira La Trobe Street, and when we spoke to her a few months ago she was just about to go to summer school in Italy, and visit the rest of Europe while she’s over there. In this edition of Student Stories, Nan tells us about her Atira experience and how she ended up in Australia.


What are you studying and what made you interested in this discipline?

At first I studied Economic Metrics and Data Science then switched to straight Data Science. I’m really into data and I want to create an algorithm to replace accountants.


How did you end up in Australia?

I came here last July, and before that I was living in Kuala Lumpur where I went to school. I was in KL for almost 2 years and I travelled around a lot. I was about to go to Monash in Malaysia but I saw how good the standards and lifestyle are in Melbourne, so I decided to come to here instead.


Did you experience a culture shock when you came to Australia?

Kind of. I was brought up in China, and lived in Kuala Lumpur for a while, so of course it’s a bit different. The thing has been trying to adapt to the weather here. Winter is hard.


How did you end up at Atira La Trobe Street?

I did research and connected with Atira La Trobe Street through a Chinese agency. I found some information and pictures. The bills being all inclusive was a big deal, and it’s a super location. I’ve lived in Melbourne since last July.



How did you become an Atira Resident Assistant?

I saw the poster in the elevator, and I thought ‘Why not just give this a try?,’ so I applied for it, and everything worked out smoothly. I’m lucky to be doing this job because I can just wake up in my room and come down for my shift. I’d never barbecued before I came here. I’ve tried hard, now I’m getting good at it.


What are you going to do after University?

I think I’m going to stay here for a while, because I have my working visa and I’m doing commerce and IT, so I can most probably get a job here in Australia. Hopefully I can get a permanent residency, but right now I’m considering whether I should stay here in Australia or go to somewhere else.


What do you like to do in your time off?

Drive! Last summer I went back to China for Chinese New Year and I got my driving licence, so I can drive here. The ‘hook turn’ confuses me a lot! But I’m glad the trams are here for transport too. I’m going to Italy for Summer school in Prato, because Monash has an Italian campus. Then I’m going to explore Greece, Barcelona, Paris, and Malta too while I’m there.


That’s it for this edition of ‘student stories.’ Stayed tuned for more interesting interviews from Atira residents Australia-wide.


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