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Benefits Of Studying Abroad


Studying abroad is shown to increase self-confidence, serve as a catalyst for increased maturity, and instill a lasting impact on your worldview.

You can learn so much about yourself by getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll increase your confidence by having the courage and conviction to take a leap and engage in a new endeavour. Knowing you can be adventurous and spontaneous will serve you well in the future, plus, you’ll appreciate your current family, friends and country more.

Here are some reasons why studying abroad may be for you.


Studying abroad not only helps you understand other cultures, but it can also help you further understand your own culture. Stepping away from your home country and viewing it through a different lens allows you to appreciate what you have and the richness of your own culture. It’s like forced objectivity, and as the saying goes, ‘you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone’.

Living in a country is much different than visiting one on holiday. It allows you to fully immerse yourself and discover the hidden gems like the best restaurants, coffee shops, walking trails, and entertainment venues that many surface-level tourists would never find.


Crowd of people walking around outside to encourage studying abroad


Studying abroad has shown to increase academic commitment, enhance interest in academic study, and influence subsequent educational experiences. You’re there to study, so there’s a stronger sense of maintaining a strong work ethic and studying habits.

Group of students throwing their mortarboards in the air after university graduation illustrating studying abroad


Studying abroad is cited as one of the best ways to increase skills in another language because you’re fully immersed in a way not easily replicated in a language class. Additionally, there’s endless input from locals, tv, billboards, and friends all helping you sharpen your language skills.

Finally, you’ll have many small language successes along the way when living in another country. Something simple like purchasing a bus ticket and riding the correct bus to uni can becomes a huge win.


two women of different backgrounds talking with each other at a table highlighting benefits of studying abroad


A UK report examining employment outcomes after domestic and international study found, “Graduates who have studied, worked or volunteered abroad are more likely to have a job six months after graduating, and on average they are earning slightly more than other graduates.”

Studying abroad looks good on your CV, and potential employers will respect your experience of studying in another country.

Finally, many students discover “an ignited interest in a career direction pursued after the experience.”


blackboard with "you're hired" written in bold white chalk


You may not resonate with every person you meet, but there’s an excellent chance you’ll make some friends for life. You’ll connect because you’re all on a similar journey in a foreign country and you already have that in common.

You’ll also appreciate your current friends more, so there’s another reason to study abroad.


group of friends with their hands in the air, facing away, silhouetted by the setting sun


Discovering the best or cheapest good eats is another avenue you should take in your journey studying abroad. Australia has a rich and diverse food culture with a range of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Greek, U.S, Spanish, Mexican, French, or Italian restaurants. Very quickly you’ll embark on amazing food adventures as you discover exciting cuisine wherever you look.

“Food is life.”


delicious burrito


There’s no feeling quite like stepping off a plane in a new country ready for a new adventure. Travelling by yourself is hugely liberating, and gives you an opportunity for others to see the real you. It’s an opportunity many people may not take, but it’s such a worthwhile pursuit.

Personal independence is a real confidence builder, and sets you up in an advantageous position, giving you the confidence to tackle any task.
The best part of studying abroad is that whatever you achieve, you’ve done it all yourself.


“Independence is happiness” – Susan B. Anthony


man standing outside on metal bridge with arms outstretched to symbolise freedom
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