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What’s on at Atira: May 2019


Your May Resident Life Events Update!

The year is flying by! Can you believe it’s May already? Well, it is, and that means another exciting month of events on the Res Life calendar.

Here’s a brief overview of the Atira properties, but you can view the full range of activities planned for each location by clicking on the relevant images below. Also, if you have any ideas for future activities come and see one of our friendly RAs, after all, they’re your resident life events, and we want them to be as engaging and enjoyable as possible.


May at Atira Waymouth Street is a culture, sports and food bonanza. Oh, and there’s skydiving!

For the sports enthusiasts, we’ve got a 2 on 2 basketball competition, soccer competition (plus a PS4 FIFA comp), ping pong tournament, and jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane to experience the rush of skydiving. Food wise, we have culture nights, including Bak Kut Teh, Adobo, and sweet potato balls, there’s also World Pizza Party Day (yeah, it’s a thing) and World Hamburger Day! There are plenty more events, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Do you have any new ideas for an event? Have you ever want to share your ideas with us? Please feel free to come down and suggest an idea.



Welcome to May!

This month we will focus on doing some fun events in house in between your study times.

RA kitchen is BACK every Wednesday – check out the dishes and make sure to pop by and learn how to cook them with us! Don’t miss our other regulars – GoT watch parties, Friday Breakfast Bars and Sunday breakfasts.

We have two trivia nights this month for everyone’s taste, look out for posts introducing the prizes.

The Atira’s Got Talent Final is on the 17th at Atira Merivale St, and it’s going to be a fun night.

Secure your spot for events by coming down to reception and signing up.



Hi everyone!

Welcome to the May Res Life events calendar for Regent Street

We’ve got a bunch of delectable food events including DIY Sushi, tacos and pinatas, breakfast muffins, Chinese breakfast, and our extraordinary RAs kitchen events.

Join us for a photography walk, win cool prizes at our trivia nights, or stretch yourself with beginners Yoga, and we’re sure you know we’re down every Monday night for Game of Thrones.

Come over to Merivale St on the 17th for the FINAL of Atira’s Got Talent.

Head down to the reception to sign up for the events if we indicate so in the calendar to secure your spot.


Another jam-packed month of fantastic activities for our residents.

Food wise there are the excellent RA kitchens, BBQ night, waffles and ice cream, Aussie brekkie and plenty more.

Test yourself and come down for one of our three trivia nights, they’re fun, plus you can win some awesome prizes.

Game of Thrones fans already know where and when to watch, so join us for this exciting season.

We’re sure you know the FINAL for Atira’s Got Talent is on the 17th, so make sure to pop into the theatre room and support our talented residents!!

If you have ideas for events, don’t hesitate to talk with our RAs or reception, they’re your events, so we want to make them as rewarding as possible.



Hello Atirans,

A new month is here! Our May calendar is jam-packed with a variety of activities.

Highlights include an adventure to Mount Dandenong & Yarra Valley Autumn Tour, Wings of Glory Chicken wing night, a visit to the Cat Cafe (yes you read that correctly), Ice-skating (yeah!), and a whole heap of other amazing activities.

Oh, and Mother’s day is Sunday the 12th of May, so come down and create a beautiful gift for your mum.

We hope our residents can find the right balance between study, self- development, stay active and social life. Stay up to date with our events information, and RSVP.


Have an awesome month, enjoy the festivities, and have a fun time at May’s Resident Life Events with your fellow Atirans!

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