We sat down with Skye Taylor, General Manager of Atira Waymouth St, who gave us an update on the exciting array of Resident Life activities occurring in Adelaide over the past few months, plus Res Life updates from Nicole Yang and Ana Kuleshova, our respective Melbourne and Brisbane community managers.



Melbourne Resident Life

Through the last quarter, a diverse range of residential life programs were offered to the residents that focused on encouraging relationship building, cultural learning and social engagement.

Our activities that we organised for residents range from food events (RA kitchens, Sushi making class, Cookies decorating, Brighten the day breakfast, Queen’s birthday High Tea, Brownies night, BBQ, S’mores day etc), to educational events (IELTS tips, how to write an A Grade Essay, Video editing seminar, the art of public speaking etc), to cultural awareness events(Eid al- Fitr and Dragon Boat Dunwu Festival) and stress relief outings (Day tour to Australia’s most Iconic road trip- Great Ocean Road; cruised out to Mount Dandenong to explore the Autumn beauty of the Yarra Valley’s scenery and relax and rejuvenate experience at Melbourne’s famous Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs).

We are fostering a living community to help our residents find the right balance between study, self- development, staying active and social life. We have also been looking for different resources and opportunities for our residents to explore the multiple dimensions of unique experiences.

Highlights include vising Cat Café, Europa Night Market tour, Laser tag, National Gallery Tour, Ice- skating and DIY Succulent Terrarium Workshop where students used recycling jars to make their own plant.  In May, we purchased tickets for an Atira resident team to participate Red Bull’s Global Charity Event – Wings for Life world run where over hundreds thousands runners and wheelchair users in 72 countries were running at the same time to raise money and awareness for spinal cord research. On Mother’s Day, residents handcrafted cards and hand painted mugs to celebrate this special occasion together.

The whole team at Atira Melbourne will continue to work hard to develop and manage Residential life programs, events and service that will support, promote and enhance the academic, social and the overall wellbeing of residents.

AU-BNE-Merivale-Staff-Anastasiia Kuleshova-Community Manager