Rachel Manson Atira blah blah etc etc discusses some of the key achievements Atira has made over this quarter including Semester 1 occupancy, mobilisation of the two new Melbourne properties, upcoming conferences and the APSAA award submissions.

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Hi Team Atira!

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team, I wanted to have a conversation with you about the great performance that we’ve had this quarter. It’s important that we reflect, recognise, and celebrate some of the key achievements that have been happening across the business. We’re a busy business, we’re ‘always on,’ so if we don’t take the time to stop and have a look back, we won’t.

We’ve got busy teams, from the Finance team in Sydney, to the Facilities teams operating across the country. We’ve got the operational support teams, we’ve got the Customer Contact Centre (CCC) team. There really is a lot of our business to take into account. There is vital work happening in the portfolio every single day. Thank you for all your hard work and effort.

When we look at the performance of the Semester 1, 2019 let up, we have a look at how we went across our different sales channels.


For the agents, where we started off with an expectation of 25%, we got to 33%, a super effort by Rocky, Rachel, and the CCC.


Looking at the direct channel, we achieved around about 40%. There is some room to improve, but we’ve got some great foundations in place. Our new website is improving all of the time, and it’s going to set us up well for the future.


The one that made me particularly happy, was the effort by the Property teams with the retention result. We achieved 34% reapplications, and that’s when you have a look at the business on its existing clients, its existing operational assets. It’s a great result, it blew me away, and I can’t thank you enough. We all are very, very grateful for that hard work.


It’s also important that we recognise everything that happened mobilisation-wise in Melbourne. It was an amazing performance from a whole big group of people to get the job done. There were a lot of hours spent, there was a lot of pressure in that situation, but how you’ve responded as a team has made us all so, so happy, and we’ve got two buildings now in a fantastic education destination of Australia that I think we can all be proud of.


So when it comes to the next quarter, there’s plenty going on in the business. There are budgets, there’s training programs, and another residential life survey that we will send around. We also want to have more conversations with the business about our strategic direction, and what’s happening across our portfolio.

We’ve got a General Managers conference coming up in Melbourne that’s going to dovetail in with the APSAA conference, and that will be great, because we get to see everything that’s happening in our industry.

We’ve got a few award submissions that we’ve lodged. I’ll keep you posted on our progress against those. Then of course, we’re heading into our Semester 2, 2019 let up, which will be a lot of fun and a lot of activity as well.


Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for your commitment. It’s going to be an exciting time at Atira, and we look forward to sharing it with you.