Andrew Stevens – Operations Manager, La Trobe Street

Andrew is a hospitality professional with a passion for the Hospitality & Student Accommodation Industry. Being Melbourne born and bred Andrew has a vast knowledge of Melbourne and the popular Victorian destinations, Andrew is always happy to share his experiences of Melbourne at any time with the Atira residents. With over a decade of experience in the accommodation sector, Andrew thrives on the operations side of the business providing the best possible experience for students and team members, nothing gives Andrew more job satisfaction than a seeing a happy student enjoying their time at Atira Student Living. Andrew describes himself as an outgoing, fun and approachable person who is always willing to go the extra mile. Andrew is excited to be a part of the Atira life and have a positive influence on all student experiences.



Nicole Yang – Community Manager, La Trobe Street

Nicole is a service-focused and results-driven professional with an upbeat and positive attitude offering a solid history of maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Nicole’s passion lies in providing high-quality student support and delivering diversity programs and engagement. Nicole is from Shenzhen, China and has lived in Melbourne since 2002. With seven years experience in managing welfare and wellbeing to students with all backgrounds, Nicole is looking forward to embracing new challenges head-on at Atira, working with the Atira team and leading the RA team on creating and growing an inclusive and vibrant Atira Living community.


Loreena  Kifayat – Evening Duty Manager, La Trobe Street

Loreena is extremely passionate about her role as the Evening Duty Manager at Atira La Trobe. Originally from Fiji, Loreena is excited about making residents feel like a part of this multicultural Atira family. Loreena brings with her a wealth of experience in the fields of finance and Management. She strives to turn her hopes and dreams into reality by putting her adept problem-solving skills to use. Many Atirans would describe her as a fun-loving person and can be seen socialising at almost every Atira resident event.


Sarah Geng – Customer Support Assistant, La Trobe Street

Sarah is a Customer Support Assistant at Atira La Trobe Street. In this role, Sarah looks after students providing exceptional customer experience. She is a qualified professional with great experience in administration, accounting and receptionist. She has vision, ambition and drive and is passionate and committed to her career.

Sarah enjoys travelling, meeting new friends and watching movies. She also loves nature walks and watching beautiful sunsets! Sarah is excited to be a part of the Atira life and have a positive influence on all student experiences.



Jeanette Peralter – Customer Support Assistant, La Trobe Street

Jeanette is a confident and reliable Customer Support Assistant with previous customer service experience. Jeanette enjoys providing exceptional customer service to all Atirians and individuals assisting in solving any problems that they may have.

As an experienced customer support assistant, Jeanette takes an enthusiastic approach, combined with a friendly, genuine dedication to the residents’ satisfaction.

Jeanette is delighted being a part of Atira team and is very excited to experience Atira life and make a difference.

bowen1 (1)

Bowen Liu – Senior Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Bowen is an expert in the field of the Internet. He has a lot of experience in technology development and designing systems, with a vast amount of experience in marketing and social media.

Bowen is from the northeast of China, and he is excited to work with all Atirans at Atira La Trobe to create a lively, enthusiastic and multicultural community. Bowen is honoured to be part of Atira’s friendly and professional team to build an amazing community and provide the best RA services for Atira family.


calvin12 (1)

Calvin Yeo – Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Calvin is a media enthusiast who loves making videos. Besides that, he has experience in event and building management, and he enjoys meeting new friends from all around the world.

Calvin will like to build a very multicultural environment just like his home country, Singapore, which is very multicultural. Calvin is super excited to be a helpful RA at Atira La Trobe and induce a very efficient and friendly atmosphere for all residents at Atira.

cameron34 (1)

Cameron Fowler – Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Born and raised in Country Victoria, Cameron has experience in event organisation and hosting, and aims to provide engaging events for you while you stay with us.

He is excited about growing the Atira community as apart of the RA team to be an enticing destination for students worldwide. Enthusiastic about the year ahead, Cameron is looking forward to making your experience at Atira La Trobe St as enjoyable and easy as possible.


Himika Sikri – Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Having lived in a culturally diverse environment from the very beginning, Himika has a naturally welcoming personality. She is inquisitive and is always up for trying new things.

Passionate about community welfare, Himika is thrilled to be a part of the RA team and help make Atira a home away from home.

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Julian Terblanche – Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Julian is a 19-year-old from Albury-Wodonga (and South Africa before there) who has moved to Melbourne to pursue his passions in Music, Photography and Filmmaking.

His talkative personality and boundless energy means that he’s always happy to have a chat or lend a hand if needed, and he’s extremely excited to see the kind of community that grows and develops at Atira La Trobe St.


hjafshadsfh (1)

Anisha Bhardwaj – Resident Assistant, La Trobe Street

Anisha is a communicator with various community & event management experience; she loves to talk about anything under the roof and make new friends. Originally Anisha is from India and believes in building a diverse community where all the Atirans feel welcomed.

She enjoys working with the Atira management team and contributing to RA services along with creating an engaging and multicultural-friendly community at the La Trobe St.