Settling in a New City

As an international student, moving in a new city or country can be tough. Here’s some of my experiences about moving away from home, how I made friends, and how Atira became my home away from home.

As a university student, many of us had to move away from home whether that move was domestic or international. Being away from home is probably not the easiest experience for anyone, especially when most of us are living away from our parents for the first time.

What made my move a little bit easier was the support system at Atira. Here, I found friends who understand the struggles that I am going through and 24/7 staffs who are more than happy to help me make a smooth move.

Adapting to life here was also not easy. Coming from Asia, Brisbane was definitely a new adventure for me. It helped me a lot that the apartment was only a few minutes away from Woolworths and Target, a place where I was able to get groceries and buy everything I need when I didn’t know my way around the city (Atira also sells basic move in products, like bed sheets, blankets, bath towels and bath mats, kitchen supplies etc here).

However, I still did not have friends and so I got through the first few weeks by attending events hosted by Atira’s Student Experience Managers and Assistants and made friends from there.

Moving is not easy but having friends and people who understand and are there for you when you most need it certainly makes it a bit more manageable.

Author:  Pat, Atira Student Resident