Students give top marks for security, speedy internet

Safety, proximity to university and high speed internet are among the key considerations when searching for student accommodation, a survey by Atira has found.

The recent poll of Brisbane students found that sense of safety and security ranked number one, proximity to university and other amenities ranked number two and speedy, reliable internet came in third as the most important factors when choosing a place to stay.

Cleanliness, modern surrounds and the provision of quality shared work spaces were other important factors.

Fully furnished, air conditioned rooms were baseline expectations while factors including, suitable desk space and personal storage, good lighting, comfortable beds and noise management were other critical checklist items, the survey found.

Students also desired an environment that felt like home and value for money.

CEO of Atira Student Living, Andrea Slingsby, said students had also indicated that the ideal accommodation environment should also include social events such as games and activities, fitness classes, interesting courses and day trips that enabled them to meaningfully engage with and make friends in small “family” groups as well as larger groups.

She said Atira was lifting the bar to create a unique environment for Australian and international students to shine.

Ms Slingsby said the Atira model was built around nurturing academic success through the provision of home-like support and connection.

“Recognising that academic success is enhanced when we create a meaningful sense of comfort, connection and belonging culminates in a superior overall experience for our students,’’ she said.

Atira aims to build a significant portfolio within five years, delivering 10,000 purpose built student beds in premium inner city locations across Australia and New Zealand.