More students could turn to Australia in wake of Trump immigration ban

Australian student accommodation provider Atira is expecting an increase in overseas enquiries in the wake of immigration restrictions imposed by US President Donald Trump.

CEO of Atira Student Living, Andrea Slingsby, says Mr Trump’s hard-line policies had created confusion and apprehension amongst international students planning to study in the US, with many likely to seek out alternative markets.

“We are predicting a spike in enquiry from international students looking at Australia as an alternative market to the US as a result of the messaging and policy decisions coming from President Trump,’’ Ms Slingsby said.

“International education is one of Australia’s top service exports valued at more than $19 billion per annum and growing.

“The chaotic scenes being witnessed in the US and around the world as result of the immigration ban further positions Australia as a highly attractive study destination and safe haven for international students,” she said.

“We can expect an upside to international education in Australia as a result of the sense of uncertainty about the US market.”

Ms Slingsby said the Australian sector could be further helped by the Australian Government fast tracking and simplifying visas applications for qualifying students.

She said our federal and state governments should work together to send a message that international students are welcome in Australia and that we have amongst the best universities and student accommodation in the world.

She said the Atira model was extremely attractive to international students as it nurtured academic success through the provision of home-like support and connection.

“We see student accommodation integral in the mix of enhancing integration between individuals, community, lifestyle and professional development,’’ Ms Slingsby said.