Atira Student Living Terms and Conditions Holding deposit

This application will not be processed until I pay a holding deposit equivalent to two weeks rent when I submit this tenancy application form. The holding deposit will be transferred to the first two weeks rent when I have entered into a lease agreement as a result of this application. I understand the bank account details will be emailed to me or I can attend the office and pay this only via EFTPOS* or CREDIT CARD* (*Fees apply).

There is an option period of 48 hours from the time this application is received by Atira Student Living Pty Ltd where applicants can withdraw this application and obtain a full refund of this holding deposit.

To withdraw an application, applicants will need to submit my intention to withdraw in writing to Atira Student Living. The holding deposit will not be refunded if I do not withdraw the application in writing within 48 after paying the above holding deposit.

  • The holding deposit will be refunded by Atira Student Living in circumstances where the application is not successful
  • The holding deposit will not be refunded after the 48 hour grace period
  • The holding deposit will not be refunded if I do not withdraw the application within the 48 hour of submitting my application.

Tenancy documentation

Due to Queensland tenancy law, a digital signature does not fully execute this contract. We will send you through a copy of the contract documents for you to sign and return to us (preferably by email). Once this is complete, we will send you a copy of the fully executed contract documents.

Please print the application documents that require your attention. Instructions are below to help you to complete the process.

Please check your email to receive a copy of these documents and print them off.

Please manually sign, scan and email the entire documents back to the property.

If you are unable to scan the documents, please contact us to obtain the mailing address for your property

How to complete your application:

Rooming Accommodation Agreement – Form 18

1 – Please check your information is correct on pages 1 & 2 and ensuring you have read the special terms and house rules please sign on Page 7 under the Special terms signatory line
2 – Also on page 7 under Resident 1 – Please sign and date under your name
3 – Please obtain a witness name, signature and date under the Resident 1 section on page 7

Bond Lodgement – Form 2

4 – Please check your details are correct and then sign in section 8. This document enables us to lodge your bond the Resident Tenancy Authority.

Special Terms

5 – Please sign the special terms on the back page and return to us

Bond/Rent DDR

6 – These forms are used in case you are unable t pay your bond/rent via our usual payment methods. We will not deduct money from these accounts unless you are in arrears.

Guarantor disclaimer – Under 18s only

7 – Please request your guarantor to populate their details on page 1 and sign on page 2 (a witness is also required for this section).
The Resident needs to initial on the bottom right hand side of both pages of this document.

Once the above has been received, a member of our team will be in contact to confirm your offer and issue you a copy of your signed agreement.

If you have any queries, please contact us